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Birth of a Woman, Birth of a Mother, Birth of a Baby,

Birth of a Family, Birth of a Spiritual New You!

I provide services for young girls, women and families in 

Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.            

Specifically in Rock, Green, Winnebago, and Dane Counties.

I have over 16 years of experience in educating and attending to over 250 families before, during and after their births! I also help prepare our young daughters for their milestones of womanhood!


In a culture where these milestones hold much negativity and the creation rather than the Creator is worshiped......I am honored to act as your guardian, if you will, and help guide you on your journey while offering information, inspiration, support and encouragement to you from a Holistic (Whole Body) perspective, as you enter into and embrace your womanhood and motherhood!


I believe that our bodies were created intricately by God to function perfectly at each unique stage of life! I believe that these are key life experiences that should be remembered positively, and that womanhood & motherhood should be embraced with confidence.

Women deserve deep respect, honor, and lots of support through these challenging yet beautiful milestones. This is vital. Women themselves also need to have a deep respect and understanding of their bodies starting at a young age so they can fully prepare themselves and allow their body to function as it was designed.

My goals are to Educate and Empower families to make Informed Decisions regarding their health. I hope to help instill Confidence in your ability to do so, as well as the Knowledge for you to Understand and Trust in your unique design and needs and to realize YOUR Goals and Dreams.

Emphasis is placed on the family unit, a healthy lifestyle, effective and positive communication skills, and the avoidance of unnecessary medical interventions and other factors that influence our bodies negatively. I am also a Christian so I can offer perspective and resources from a biblical perspective IF that is your desire!


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