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A few raves from clients and students!

"My boyfriend and I took Bobbi's childbirth class to prepare for our upcoming birth this September, 2016. Bobbi was extremely knowledgable in every aspect of childbirth, as well as pregnancy and post partom. The information she shared with us also came with many great resources supporting the facts she was teaching us about. If there was ever a question we had that she didn't have an immediate answer for, she took the time to research and share with us what she found. She's very quick to answer any questions outside of class time as well, which was very comforting with all the changes happening during pregnancy. I would recommend Bobbi's services to anybody who is planning to get pregnant, currently pregnant or who has recently had a baby. With her knowledge and caring personality, she has a lot of great services to offer during such an important time in ones life." ~Erika

My third child Ashton was born on October 12, 2015. I knew something wasn't right with nursing from the very beginning. I had immediate pain from the time my son latched on to nurse and some times for hours after. I asked the nurses and the pediatrician to evaluate his latch and everything appeared to be normal. Being that this was my 3rd time as a nursing mother and knowing that nursing is a top priority of mine, I knew I had to do something. I started researching and came across tongue ties in infants. Once I saw that the pain matched what I was reading online, I went to a local mom group for advice. Bobbi immediately replied and was so knowledgable. She came out of her way to come to my house to check my son's tongue tie. I felt such a relief when she got to my house and had gloves, hand sanitizer, etc. I only say this because it made me feel comfortable that she was so prepared and following healthy guidelines. She checked my son's latch as well as for any sort of ties. She immeditely noticed he had a tongue tie. She stayed for a while after and answer my million questions. When she left I had almost everything answered. I knew how to relieve the pain, what my next steps should be, and what this means in the future. It took me a while for relief and to get everything taken care of, but on multiple occastions I would message Bobbi for help, advice, support, etc. She was always willing to help. I should mention that this was for  no charge. She only helped because she has a passion to help other mothers. In addition to helping me maintain my nursing relationship with my son (9 months and still going strong), she has helped a lot of ladies in the local mom to mom group. If someone needs advice or suggesstions and wants to go with a more natural route I think I speak for everyone when I say that Bobbi is the one to go to and trust for advice!" ~Ashley 

"Bobbi Thompson has been a family friend of ours for nearly 5 years. We have been honored to have her services at the birth of our 2 boys births (she would have been at all of them had we known her sooner). Bobbi is committed to getting the birth you want and she is willing to do whatever she needs to ensure that happens. This could be helping mama relax and think of soothing, positive thoughts or reminding her that through each contraction it is leading to blessing at the end. 

One of things that I appreciate about Bobbi and her birth services, as the father, is that she doesn't feel she has to be "front and center". Bobbi will be the first to step up wherever she is needed. This could be "front and center" but we've seen Bobbi do far more for us than just being next to mama. Bobbi has helped all of us calm our nerves when its "go-time" by helping make everything going so naturally and smoothly. Her kindness and selflessness helped me out, as the dad, because I knew I could solely focus on my wife and I could take full confidence everything else was taken care of. Bobbi knew our birth plan and how we wanted the birth to go. I specifically remembering looking up while I was with my wife and seeing Bobbi working diligently on certain things she knew we wanted part of the birth. 

We know she loves and cares for us because we are such great friends but I take full confidence that if we weren't as close as we are as friends, that Bobbi would still care for us like we were family because she loves helping families experience the best birthing experience they can. We have many great memories from our births, Bobbi and her services helped intensify these memories of positivity and success. Bobbi has a love for birth and building real, loving relationships with moms. I would strongly suggest and recommend Bobbi for your next birthing experience not just because she's my friend but because of her professionalism and sincere care." -Jesse

 "We took Bobbi's birthing classes with both of our boys. They helped prepare my husband & I for the birthing  process & allowed me to have 2 successful natural births. Not only were we happy with our classes Bobbi was also a big help with postpartum, breastfeeding & Doula support. She answered any questions we had about breastfeeding with a baby in the NICU & never seemed bothered by what seemed like an endless amount of questions.  So thankful we chose Bobbi to help with our births." ~ Candy

"We hired Bobbi to provide labor and birth doula services for us.  We got much more then that.  After Bobbi conducted a thorough assessment of our birth needs and wants she then walked us through developing our birth plan step by step.  She also provided valuable resources to help explore our desire for a homebirth.  We are so deeply grateful to have had Bobbi on our team as she provided just the right amount of care and support to both me and my husband.  She knew exactly what to do and when do it.  Her knowledge and expertise was completely reveled during our birth."  We love sharing our birth story with others and at how wonderful our doula was.  We just can't thank her enough for the awesome experience she helped us achieve." ~Bob and Mary

"I first met Bobbi when I was pregnant with my first child in 2009 and I attended her 8 week natural childbirth class. It was so informative on all aspects of the birth process, exercises to keep baby in a good position, coping mechanisms, lactation, and postpartum and newborn care. It was especially informative for my husband to understand best how to be my support during the birth experience and we both appreciated the wealth of knowledge we learned from that class and I felt so much more confident in giving birth to my first child!

After our class, I decided to hire Bobbi to be my doula. My labor ended up being very fast for a first time delivery and it was because of what we learned in her class that my husband knew to call the midwife STAT since I was in denial of how far along I was. I was so grateful when she arrived and to have her soothing calm presence and wisdom of experience there helping me cope and applying counter pressure especially since my baby came much quicker than I ever anticipated!

I also used her for my second and third child which were similar labors but faster. She always knew exactly what to say and her soothing presence helped me get through. She was also such a help with the postpartum period! She especially believes in mothering the mother so she can best care for her new baby and she has always brought meals, helped with breastfeeding issues, and even took my kids to the park so I could focus on my newest baby! She goes above and beyond and is such a blessing! Her passion for all things birth and mothering come through her every word. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again or recommend her to anyone!" ~Olivia

 "Bobbi was my doula for my first natural birth.  Her support was invaluable and I credit her comforting words and strong physical support to my amazing experience.  We took birthing classes from her beforehand and felt like she covered every topic we needed to know about and was a wealth of information. "~ Becky 

“I am very thankful for all the knowledge Bobbi gave to Ray and myself in the natural childbirth class we took from her. I wish I would have had this knowledge when I gave birth to our first child. I am very thankful for having hired a doula to be at the birth of our third child. It was well worth it. Even though my husband was not excited about going to classes he did learn a lot that both our third child and myself benefited from it. My husband better understood what my needs were after the baby was born.”


"We attended natural childbirth classes with Bobbi before our first child was born. We learned so much and were totally prepared for the 36 hours of hard labor that awaited us. We didn't give in and ask for any pain management. Bobbi's class gave us the tools we needed to keep focused and not give up." ~Beth & Craig


"For some reason I didn't know that Bobbi's ministry name was called Guardian Angel and after giving birth to my third child after the first 2 being C-sections that is exactly what I felt she was and told all my friends that she truly was my guardian angel.  There is no way I could have done it with out her!  She had such a calming presence that gave me the space to let my birth process happen naturally and normally.  I loved having her there to support me and my body through some pretty terrific contractions that still just the thought of them make me glad they are just a memory that gave me my beautiful baby girl!  Thank you Bobbi!" ~April