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Bengkung Belly Binding 

Belly Binding with Hot Stone Herbal Womb Massage

Bengkung belly binding can be an important part of womb care!  Using cotton, muslin, or silk fabric your abdomen is wrapped snuggly in order to support your body's natural healing process. Belly binding has traditionally been used to provide the postpartum body the support to assist the abdominal wall muscle retraction, improves posture, support loosened ligaments and provide support to the torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position. It also helps calm the nervous system and aid in more comfort and support during postpartum contractions. Wrapping can be done over your clothes or under using an under wrap. Belly Binding can be done for short periods of time after postpartum and throughout pregnancy. In addition, it is an excellent comfort measure during menstruation.


 A Therapeutic Approach to Postpartum Care and More

  • Helps the body heal faster by assisting the uterus, pelvic organs and all other internal organs return to its pre-pregnancy size as it speeds the process by the constant pressure and tight support
  • Assists the abdominal walls to retract which helps prevent diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal wall)
  • Helps shrinks cells by getting rid of excess water retention and fat storage
  • Encourages body to expel blood naturally by lessening lochia and its duration
  • Helps prevent pubis symphysis diastasis by supporting the pelvic area and pelvic floor
  • Helps realign posture to it's pre-pregnancy state while encouraging good posture
  • Helps prevent back pain
  • Lessens after birth pains
  • Improves circulation
  • Hormones are more easily balanced
  • Closes the pelvis and rib cage
  • Helps prevent the "empty" feeling after giving birth
  • Beneficial for a still-birth or miscarriage as it provides physical and emotional support
  • It provides a feeling of being safe and secure
  • It's comforting
  • It feels awesome as it soothes the body, mind and soul!

A lot of these benefits can also be seen when done during your period or when done intermittently while trying to heal a diastasis outside of the 6 weeks postpartum. Women enjoy the process of taking care of their bodies and being able to focus on their recovery and the healing process. They are able to really take that time out each day for self-care and get in touch with their new self and their new role as a mother. It is a wonderful reminder of the care our body needs.


The Bengkung method of belly binding is incredibly adaptable to your specific body type, size, and shape. It uses cotton, muslin, or silk fabric and as your postpartum body changes and shrinks down you can simply rewrap yourself to accommodate your transforming body. Those standard belly bands also do not support your hips and ribs and can be bulky and uncomfortable. Belly wraps can be beautiful colors and designs and look gorgeous when worn.

The down side to the Bengkunk method over a simple belly band is that it will take you approximately 10 minutes or more to wrap each time.

Beautiful Bengkung wraps can be purchased online and used for years.

As a cheaper option, you can purchase your own fabric and easily make your own.


Postpartum- It is recommended that for a vaginal delivery, you be wrapped within the first couple days postpartum, as the postpartum contractions are immediate, and binding will assist with support and comfort during this time. If you have had a cesarean, you may have to wait 4-6 weeks postpartum with a doctor's approval. You should continue to wrap each day, for 10 plus hours, for 6 weeks.

Cycles- Many women who have tried belly binding during their period find it most useful a couple days before your period starts and during the first couple days into their cycle as it is very calming and supportive, as mentioned above with all of the benefits.

Belly Binding can be done for short periods of time after 6 weeks postpartum and throughout pregnancy with further instruction on working on engaging and strengthening the core.


  • One binding session is $50 with personal instruction on how to wrap yourself.

Application of Therapeutic Herbal Paste with gentle, hot stone, tummy massage (You must purchase the binding wrap separately)

A muslin cloth to cover the herbal paste

A fitness evaluation and instruction on core protection

ยท Purchase 3 binding sessions for optimal application ease, support and extra nurturing at a value of $125

    • Additional sessions for wrapping only are also available to purchase for $35 each.

Payment- Fee is due when hired. Please try to secure my availability at least 1 month before your Due Date or estimated cycle date that your period will start.
The earlier you book me, the better guarantee of on-call availability!