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Blessing God's Way Celebrations

 The lost art of celebrating maidenhood and motherhood.

The "Blessingway", originally a navajo tradition filled with mysticism and new age philosophies has been adapted into "A Blessing God's Way" by It is a way for women and families to come together to give honor and glory to God, our Creator for His perfect design of the woman and the fruit of her labor, the blessings of children!  Let me help you top off your birth plans with this special event. Do you have a circle of women? Let's create this support system.

A Birth Blessingway takes place about 36 weeks gestation to prepare you for labor and help you honor these last few weeks.

A Baby Blessingway takes place about 6 weeks postpartum to transition you out of the initial postpartum period of bonding and healing.

Blessing means a short prayer for divine approval. To bless a mother, we are invoking Gods favor upon her for her "way", the journey, through her transitions ahead. Mother's need lots of support and encouragement. There is a lot of negativity and fear surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and children, that is not honoring to God and the main focus is generally on the baby and not the mother infant bond.

A true celebration of pregnancy, childbirth and children is lacking in our culture. Each and every birth, not just the first, deserves recognition and celebration. This celebration allows us to do that in a unique and alternative way other than or in addition to the traditional baby shower.

A Blessing God's Way should be an intimate event shared with your closest family and friends, generally consisting of around 10 women but men and children are welcome according to your desires. I think that it is beautiful to share in this event especially with our daughters.

A Maidens Blessingway is a way for women and their daughters to come together with friends to give honor and glory to God for His perfect design of the woman and to celebrate a young lady's first major milestone. Do you have a circle of women? Let's create this support system.

To bless a young lady, we are invoking God's favor upon her for her "way", the journey, through her transitions ahead as she matures into a woman.

After completing a maiden course, mothers and daughters are more knowledgeable and positive about this special occasion and a Blessing God's Way celebration is the marking of many wonderful traditions ahead as mother and daughter.

A Blessing God's Way should be an intimate event shared with your closest family and friends, consisting of a small group of women and their daughters whom share a respect for this special time.

Ideally this celebration should be planned during her first cycle and occur during the young ladies 2nd cycle so she can be pampered and acknowledged as a new maiden.

At a BlessingGod'sWay, there is generally a fellowship meal, devotion, prayer and positive affirmations, inspirational gifts, activities and keepsakes, and a time of nurturing and adorning for the mother or maiden. You have a variety of beautiful options to choose from some of which can include: Prayer Necklace/bracelet, affirmation banner, stones or candles,  belly painting, henna, foot bath, massage, aromatherapy, nail painting, paraffin hand dip, and more!

Celebration Investment for BlessingGod'sWay of choice: $150

Fee is due upon booking. Please book one month prior to event date.

Additional fees may apply for henna 


·    Up to 3 hours

·    All materials including handouts, music, pampering and adornment supplies and keepsakes  

·    Facilitation of events-Devotion, Pampering, Game, etc.

·    Inspiration and Knowledge of these life changing milestones

You provide:

·    Guest List

·    Refreshments or pot luck option

·    Event Location