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Maidenhood through Motherhood

Women's Workshop

Maiden's, Mother's and Women's Workshop

              A beautiful sisterhood experience!

Maidens by His Design is a curriculum by Blessing God's Way Ministry. It is a biblical approach to teaching daughters how their bodies were created to function. It's more than a class, it's a  celebration! 

Don't miss this unique  mother/daughter/sisterhood experience.

A women's body functions in miraculous and beautiful ways! Yet, we suppress it, hide it, complain about, we fear it because we don't understand it!

Every woman, every daughter deserves to have the privilege of understanding and valuing her body! This is her rite!

Let's celebrate our femininity, womanhood, sisterhood and our creator for how lovingly we were created!

Join us for a full day of learning and fun activities that will meet every age at their level. We are planting seeds, for our daughters, for our sisters, for woman, equipping them and us to see our cycles as a blessing to us, God's way!

This workshop is for girls and woman of all ages, 8 and up. It is designed specifically as an excellent preparatory class for our young girls but also an invaluable class for those who've already started their cycle to help them have a more positive, thorough view. Mother's who attend this class with their young daughters appreciate this support and guidance in beginning or furthering this conversation with their daughters

Older daughters, grandmothers, and even women in general are welcome and encouraged to attend.

We will explore the basics of our body's magnificent design and how we are created to cycle. You will leave with more confidence and knowledge on how to care for your bodies through every phase of your cycle with proper nutrition, nurturing traditions and affirmations! Those who've been cycling for years, what wisdom can you share? What encouragement could you also receive? How beautiful the thought!

This is not a Sex Ed class and we do not cover male anatomy but this is a day of learning and a beautiful celebration of womanhood/sisterhood for you and your daughter(s)! This is the foundation before exploring the topics of sex, fertility, childbirth, breastfeeding, and menopause......This is the foundation!

Women, Do you understand the 4 phases of your cycle? What is your view of it? Do you struggle with your cycle? Do you dread it? Do you know how to care for yourself during each unique stage?

This course will be fun and engaging, including resources and ideas inspiring you for further communication and lovely traditions with your maiden(s) and other women in your life!

Truly, an inspirational day!

Your Investment-

Mothers and Grandmothers are free when accompanied by a young Maiden

$80 1st daughter

$65 each additional daughter

$40 Single Women w/o a daughter of eligible age

$40 for Repeat Maidens (with workbooks)

$40 if you coordinate your own group on a different date with at least 8 paid Maidens

Free if you are a repeat Maiden AND coordinate a group. Contact me if your interested in scheduling your own workshop.

Price includes Published Maidens workbook, Mom's/Women's resource folder, goody bag, samples, take home activities for the day and door prizes!

We have lots of fun activities planned for the day! We break up the day with videos, dancing, games, crafts, henna, spa treatments, etc.

Topics covered:

Basic Body Design and Definitions

Blood & Our Cycle

Products for Cycle

Erasing a Spirit of Fear

Hormones & How They Work

Charting our Cycle

Physical Changes

History & Cultures

Remedies & Helps for Health


Taking Responsibility

Celebrations for Maidens 

Please inquire about scheduling a 1 day workshop, retreat or weekly study group and please allow 2 months notice. Or join in on a scheduled workshop, typically held 2-3 times a year.

Q and A about the Maidens Workshop-

Why is a course on maidenhood needed?

The world has influenced woman of every age, even in the church, negatively and falsely about their bodies. Most woman do not have a true and thorough understanding of their bodies and therefore do not appreciate nor embrace its perfect design. Therefore, they are not capable or comfortable preparing their daughters for these beautiful milestones. We need accountability, we need support, we need resources to teach this from a Christian perspective.This course is a prefect way to help guide you as the mother and prepare you for further discussion.

What if I do not have a daughter?

While this course is geared towards our young Maidens, single women and mother's without daughters have valued and benefited from this course and special day with other women! 

Can I just teach this course to my daughter, myself?

Yes. If you decide you would rather teach the course alone with your daughter, you can purchase the workbook at

However there are many benefits for attending this course with your daughter. There is something to be said about normalizing this topic with a community of woman. We make this day not only educational but a celebration of womanhood! As woman's health educators we bring an expanded knowledge base to this topic and we make the day fun for you too with lots of activities and prizes!

How do I know if my daughter is ready to learn about puberty and menstruation?

You are more likely to wait too long then to approach her too early. The Maidens by His Design curriculum recommends 8 years and up because most girls start showing signs of readiness and curiosity around this time. The average age for mothers to take this course is 10-11.This a very delicate subject and each family must decide how and when they will approach it but I can help guide you whenever you decide to do that. If we expose our daughters to this information in a non-embarrassing way, they will take in what they want that's appropriate to their own maturity level and then we can continue to nurture their needs as they mature. I believe that talking about our bodies in a factual way and explaining normal functions at an early age is the first step to viewing our bodies as wonderful creations and not something to be ashamed of. For example- calling body parts by their rightful name, never teasing or embarrassing them and exposing them to normal things like breastfeeding and birth is a natural foundational step for future conversations.

My daughter has already started her period, will she still benefit from this course? 

Absolutely! Just because she has already started her period doesn't mean she understands it or thinks of it as a positive thing, if fact, most likely she doesn't. We are sure, you'll learn something too and be inspired!

Will my daughter be embarrassed taking this course with other girls? 

Maybe but "This is exactly why we are doing this course". We are offering this course so that you or your daughters don't have to be anymore, so that girls and women can begin to support one another during this time. We encourage discretion at all times and for them not to discuss this issue with just anyone but encourage them to use this class as an opportunity to ask questions and be comfortable and safe in doing so. Toward the end of the class the daughters are having SUCH a good time together. They will never forget their experience of taking this course, LORD willing.  

Is this like a sex ed class? 

No.  We do not talk about sex, birth control or introduce the male parts but instead provide resources for you to learn that as a family.