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Me and Mine

Personal and Professional Experience

My name is Bobbi Thompson and my beloved, Chris and I were married in July 1998. We live in South Central WI. with our 10 children. 

We have had 10 successful, natural births at home, attended by midwives, family, friends, and our children.  Our 1st and 3rd babies are in heaven which we lost through miscarriages. Six births were water births. #6 and #7 were twins born 9 1/2 hours apart, the 2nd being breech. My pregnancy's and births all held there own unique challenges and blessings! We utilized a lot of the techniques we learned through the Bradley Method and many other resources. 

I have a great passion for birth, parenting and health. I enjoy inspiring mothers through formal teaching and personal relationships in the Rock County and surrounding areas. The birth process and mothering is a Joy to me!

This is not only my business but my ministry and passion, to spread joy and excitement surrounding these issues and to give families the support they deserve. We need to make some positive changes in this world and proclaim to everyone, especially our children, that they are blessings and that these can be wonderful experiences!


                                             I thank God for this Honor!

I home educate our children and enjoy being outdoors in God's creation with my family. Other interests include travel, music, swing dancing, worship, bible study, healthy and holistic living.

My professional experience includes:

I have over 18 years of experience and developing my skills of professional, comprehensive, evidenced based education and intuitive, nurturing care. I've educated and/or provided care to over 260 families before, during, and/or after their births since 2001.

1995-present:  Extensive education and research on nutrition and alternative health through various resources.

1998-present:  Extensive education and research on puberty, our cycles, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, essential oils, nutrition, reflexology, and holistic parenting through various resources.

Formal education includes:

AAHCC "The Bradley Method" I was certified for 10 years and decided to go independent and develop my own comprehensive, evidenced based program.

DONA- I have taken the Basic and multiple advanced Doula workshops 

ICEA- Perinatal and Postpartum Fitness

LLLI- Multiple Workshops on Breastfeeding, Women's Postpartum Health and Infant Development

Brio- Doula Workshop


I have attended home & hospital births for both singles and couples of all ages and walks of life. I have experience in helping clients with natural births, medicated births, VBAC, Cesarean birth, difficult labors, multiples, teens, sibling preparation, difficult family life, unexpected situations, miscarriages, infant death, congenital diseases, postpartum depression, breastfeeding difficulties, postpartum difficulties and long term counsel and reassurance as your baby moves through milestones the first year and beyond.